forest, nature, which one is better for you ?

All of our pitches have their own charm, precise what you prefer so we can help you chose.

Forest pitch

As shown in its name, the “forest” pitch is shady, with trees to install your hammocks : ideal for a good nap !

The pitches are often delimited with trees that were already settled, and they are of various sizes, from 100 to 200 m², some of them have trees on the pitch itself, it is indeed important to precise us if you have a caravan with awning, a large tent, or if you have 2 or 3 smaller tents. According to your wishes, we will offer you the most adapted pitch.

Nature Pitch

Each pitch has its own property, it can be sunnier, or more shadowy, more or less wide, and they go from 100 to 200 m². Often ideal for a couple that wants to be further of the “kid’s friendly” zone, it can also be for a family that wants to camp without the electricity (mandatory for the comfort pitches), or that would prefer a sunnier pitch with a little shadow… Of course, you can still chose the electricity, or a fridge on the pitch…

You can park one car on the pitch,

Some of them are ideal for camping cars.



For these pitches, what tariff?

Tough to answer specifically to this question! Indeed, the tariff will depend on the number of people, of options and on the period.

We invite you to make a simulation the know the exact tariff of your holiday!

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