activities on the Dordogne

Make the most of your stay and take an unforgettable walk along the Dordogne from where you can admire the chateaux of Beynac, Fayrac, Castelnaud la Chapelle, La Rocque Gageac…


Canoe trips

15 minutes from ‘Les Pastourels’ campsite: Canoe Butterfly

 As a couple, with friends or as a family (with children over 6 years)

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You leave your car at the Butterfly base (towards Castelnaud la Chapelle, 4km from the campsite). They will take you by minibus to the point of departure that you have chosen. You will return to the base at your leisure. You can swim in the river, the Dordogne is one of the cleanest rivers in France, or you can stop for a picnic.

Our advice:  with children we recommend 12km

                       With adults or teenagers we recommend between 12 and 25 km

Remember to take sun cream and hats. In high season the morning or lunchtime is preferable.

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Stand Up Paddle

This sport has become very fashionable. It is easy to carry it out on the Dordogne. From the departure point of Cenac there is a very pretty route from where you can see different chateaux.

Our advice: There are less people on the river in the morning or around midday.




Gabares Norbert

For those who cannot, or do not want to, canoe, the gabares take you on a very pretty circuit, with commentary, lasting 55minutes from la Rocque Gageac. (audioguides available in various languages).

Our advice: free for children in the mornings