Caves and gouffres

Lascaux  caves. Grottes de Lascaux II

Les Eyzies, 25 minutes from ‘Les Pastourels’ campsite



Gouffre de Padirac

1h30 (2h in summer) from Les Pastourels campsite.

 Our advice: Reserve your place by internet before going to avoid 2 hours of queues in full sun.

It is also preferable to arrive at lunchtime.

Not far from Rocamadour, make the most of the journey by also visiting this site, but there are many, many people in summer.


Proumeyssac Cave (Gouffre de Proumeyssac)

25 minutes from ‘Les Pastourels’ campsite

Smaller, but nearer than the caves at Padirac (1hr 30mins by car and often 2 hours in the queue): a visit of 45 minutes in the underground vault, impressive crystalisation of the rock which merits the name of <<the crystal cathedral>>.

Our advice: Do not descend in the gondola, it is expensive for what it is. Free picnic area near the cave with an educational zone.