Environment and ecology What if luxury was nature?

Environment and ecology

The Dordogne department is famous for its landscapes, its castles and its gastronomy. To preserve all this nature, we have adopted eco-responsible gestures within the Domaine Les Pastourels.

Each small gesture has its impact, let’s try to follow a few easy to implement and fun rules during your holidays in the Périgord Noir !


Water from the Dordogne is becoming increasingly scarce and precious in summer so we have decided to install
– Water savers on the taps in all the accommodation,
– A card system in the sanitary showers
– Leak detection… all actions aimed at preserving this precious resource.


The sanitation of the campsite dates from 2021, it is totally autonomous, the treatment of the water is 100% natural via microbes from our waste. The clear and treated water is rejected in our forest. This treatment is totally natural, so we cannot receive the boxes from the motorhomes or caravans with their chemical products inside.


• The sanitary facilities are equipped with timers.
• For the traffic in the campsite we have installed solar lamps.
• The swimming pool is heated from mid-June onwards.

recyclage déchetsWaste

Setting up a sorting area to aim for the highest possible recycling rate.
• The yellow bin for plastic waste, packaging (even soiled), cardboard, paper, aluminium cans: please compress the waste
• The brown bin for non-recyclable waste
• The glass bin: for bottles, jars without lids etc. The glass bin is at the entrance of the campsite
• Composting is located at the sanitary block 1 wooden bin (from a pallet) in which you can throw food scraps that are NOT cooked! These are peelings, egg shells, leftover uncooked fruit and vegetables only WITHOUT PAPER OR CARDS. The second bin is filled with dead leaves collected during the winter on the campsite to feed and encourage the composting of bin 1.

Displays inform you about what to throw in the bins.

espace vertMaintenance of green spaces

• Weeding is done without any chemical products (hand pulling) so our paths are sometimes covered with weeds, which is what makes them so charming
• The dead leaves are collected and transformed into compost to feed our plantations
• Hedge trimmings are composted. The branches of our trees are shredded to be transformed into mulch
• Our meadows are cut by our neighbouring farmer to make straw for his animals
• When we mow our grass, it is shredded directly to feed the soil


We try to work with service providers as close to the campsite as possible.
Local food products are favoured in order to support local businesses in the Périgord. For example, we are supplied by the Rocomol Brewery, a local craft brewery in Sarlat.